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The Strong Rail


The Strong Rail

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Marine Pilot Chair

Marine Pilot Chair

Our famous sliding-rails made of lightweight aluminium – offers a wide range of possibilites to increase the comfort and safety “on deck” of nearly every wheelhouse. It allows to move the chair into the desired position while seating. The very compact mounting height of only 36mm enables a easy mounting on or into the floor without building a potential source for accidents.  Available as flush version or top-mounted (with frame)

The deck rail I offers the same features as our regular deck rail,
but comes with a stronger frame and bearing system in order to
resist the forces on military and high-speed vessel!

Serial features:
– carriage, guided precisely by special roll-track-bearing
– carriage with possibility for stops all 50mm
– deck-plate made of stainless steel
– built-in-version, mounting-height 36mm (without carriage)
– along or cross to driving-direction mountable
– standard lenghth: 1m, 1,2m, 1,5, 2m, 2,5m, 3m, 3,5m

Due to the modular system the rail system can be supplied in all length.

Pls. contact our sales-team for technical details!